Initial Clearance Instructions

For All Education Majors

Tuberculosis (TB) TINE Test Instructions

Going to Personal Physician:

You may go to your personal physician to have your tuberculosis test taken. If the results of this test are recorded on Mansfield University's Health Evaluation Report, then simply photo copy the side of the form with the TB result and turn it into the Field Experience Office.  Please note that every education major needs to have one of three tests (TB Tine, Mantoux, or PPD) to prove that they are negative for Tuberculosis. This requires that the form indicates the date that the test result was negative, the doctor's signature, and the student's name. Please pay special attention to this requirement as the form is misleading. The form may lead you to believe that you are not required to have the test taken, but all education majors must have the test taken and have proof of the results turned into the Field Experience Office in 205.  

Going to Campus Clinic in Spruce Hall:

You may visit the Campus Clinic in Spruce Hall to have your tuberculosis test taken. You should call 4350 in advance for an appointment. They will provide a three part form, one for their records, one for you, and one for you to bring to the Field Experience Office in 205 Retan. This visit will be free, but you will be charged for the serum. (Under $30)  

Criminal Record Check Instructions (ACT 34)

FAST!! On-line ACT 34 Criminal Record Check request: Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (on-line with credit card) Print two!! Take a copy to the Field Experience Office - RC 205


SLOW!! Print out and snail mail ACT 34 Criminal Record Check request: Act 34 Clearance.pdf (print)

Fill out your name, address, and telephone number. Do not use the address of the potential employer or Department of Education. Submit a $10.00 money order payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Mail in and wait approximately four weeks for it to return. Take original with copy to the Field Experiences Office - RC 205

Child Abuse Clearance Instructions (ACT 151)


To apply online:


Act 151 Clearance

  1. Print clearly and neatly in ink or type section I only.
  2. Address must be applicant's current home address.
  3. All information must be completed in full.
  4. Clearance must be signed.
  5. $10 Money order must be enclosed payable to Department of Public Welfare.
  6. One block must be checked. **
  7. Send no postage paid return envelopes of any kind.

The form specifically asks for all previous names, addresses and household members since 1975. This information must be provided to the best of your knowledge and belief. Attach additional pages, if necessary.

** Check the school employment block for college courses or student teaching.

Mail in and wait approximately two weeks for it to return. 
Take original with copy to the Field Experiences Office - RC 205

Pennsylvania FBI Fingerprint Clearance (ACT 114)

  1. Cogent Fingerprinting Services - PA Department of Education
  2. Registration - Register On-line through the PA Department of Education
  3. Dissemination Disclaimer check box and press continue
  4. Complete Applicant Registration
  5. Call fingerprint site you plan to visit and make appointment
  6. Have fingerprints scanned. Wait for clearance to return in mail (or you may email or visit Beth
    in 205 Retan with your PAE number and she can look up your clearance report.)
  7. Bring the original and a copy to Field Experiences - RC 205

Update:  4/15 FBI Fingerprint Site at 110 Alumni Hall, Mansfield University
Pre-register and pay fee on the cogentid site through the Pennsylvania Department of Education
then visit on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-4 p.m. No appointment needed.
Allow 30 minutes for wait time. 

Updated 1/18/11 FBI Fingerprint Site in Wellsboro
There is a FBI scan site in Wellsboro at the Tioga County Courthouse. 
By Appointment ONLY! M-F 9:00 - 12:00 & 1:00 - 3:00 
Pre-register and pay fee on the cogentid site through the Pennsylvania Department of Education
then call Penny Whipple for an appointment 570-723-8231.

Links with helpful information regarding the Pennsylvania ACT 114 Fingerprinting effective 4/1/07:

ACT 114 FBI Clearance Q&A

ACT 114 FBI Clearance Public Communication 3-13-07

Take all original documents along with copies to the Field Experience Office, Retan Center, Room 205

Professional Liability Insurance

(Choose any of the following five options)

  1. The Pennsylvania State Education Association (Note: PSEA membership includes professional liability insurance.)
  2. Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)  Professional Liability Insurance CEC
  3. The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Professional Liability Insurance NAfME
  4. National Art Education Association (NAEA) Professional Liability Insurance NAEA
  5. Purchase professional liability insurance from your own carrier and provide proof

Be sure to print out 2 proof of membership forms – one for your records and one for the Field Experience Office - RC 205. 

A note regarding professional liability insurance: Students shall be responsible for procuring professional liability insurance at their own expense. The limits of the policy shall be a minimum of $1,000,000.00 per claim and an aggregate of $3,000,000.00 per occurrence. This policy must remain in full force and effect for the duration of the field experience, practicum, and/or student teaching assignment.

Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (ACT 24)

Pennsylvania Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form - Print, read, sign and take to the Field Experience Office - RC 205

Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training under PA (ACT 126)

Please choose any one of the following options (any one qualifies): 

Pennsylvania Child Resource Center (Free)

PA Family Support Alliance

You may participate in one of the monthly webinars for $10.00 or
You may take an online training - The $75.00 option will meet our requirements.

Please be sure to take a copy of your certificate to the Field Experience Office in 205 RC.

Statement of Understanding, Confidentiality, Professionalism, & Clearance Adherence 

Mansfield University Early Field Experience Handbook.  Read the Handbook, print pages six and seven, read, sign and take to the Field Experience Office - RC 205


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Students can print out & sign to provide professors with proof that all clearances are on file with Field Experience Office.

Public School Employee - Clearance Letter

Current Teacher - Clearance Form