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Stress Management

**Please send all correspondence and questions for this module to your TRiO advisor**

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to identify necessary skills to be able to manage their stress better.

Step 1:

Review the Stress Management PowerPoint presentation - I recommend that you DO NOT view the PowerPoint presentation as a slide show, so that you can read the notes below each slide (when applicable). In order to do so, right click on the link and click on "Save Target As"; then click on "Open". 

Be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is stress?
  2. What causes stress?
  3. How can you deal with stressful situations?

Step 2:

Complete all worksheets (as directed in the PowerPoint presentation):

  1. Vulnerability to Stress Worksheet
  2. Stress Warning Signals Worksheet
  3. Visualization or other Relaxation Exercise
  4. Stress Management Worksheet

Email all completed worksheets and exercises as an attachment to your TRiO advisor.