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New Student Welcome!

New Student Welcome will be Thursday August 25th through Sunday August 28th!
New Student Welcome Agenda

Enrollment Confirmation

Online Enrollment confirmation for the fall 2016 (2016/FA) begins on July 25, 2016 and runs through August 14, 2016. Please confirm your enrollment  and accept your financial terms and conditions by by logging into your my.mansfield.edu account beginning July 25, 2016.

Student Billing

Your course schedule for the 2016/FA semester may be canceled if your prior balance plus 50% of current semester charges are not paid OR covered by financial aid!

Student Bills: Students are able to conveniently access their 2016/FA student bill online through my.mansfield.edu beginning July 23, 2016. We no longer mail hard copy bills. Once bills are posted, students will be notified via their MU Mounties email account. This email will provide step-by-step instructions to access their bill through My Mansfield. Please be sure to read all of the directions before trying to access the online bill.

Please note: changes to registration and/or housing/dining may impact your current charges. Students will be able to view their most current charges and make payment via their WebAdvisor account. Students anticipating assistance from their families to cover the charges are responsible for notifying their families of any changes.

The payment due date for the 2016/FA semester is August 12, 2016. Payment of the total amount due must be made on or before the payment due date in order to avoid the $50.00 deferred fee. Payment of the minimum amount due by the payment due date will allow you to defer the remaining balance (including a $50 deferment fee) for approximately seven weeks. Please review payment plan options for the 2016/FA semester. The Student Services office is available to help you with your financial aid questions at 570-662-4888.

Information For 2016/FA

This information is for students who have confirmed their attendance (by paying the $50 advance deposit to the Admissions Office) and who will be taking classes beginning in the 2016/FA semester.

Account Login:

Visit My Accounts for your Campus Services login information for access to Email, Desire2Learn, WebAdvisor, My Mansfield, eTime, and wireless campus services.


Desire2Learn (D2L) access (using the same password as My.Mansfield) may be available two weeks prior to the start of the semester. D2L course information is loaded by each individual professor; therefore, your course information may not be available until the first day of the semester, depending on the faculty member.

Access the Desire2Learn system.

Email, My Mansfield and WebAdvisor Accounts:

If you are a New or Transfer student, information about when your accounts will be available is found on the New Student Information Page.

If you are a Readmit student, information about when your accounts will be available is found on the Readmit Student Information page.

Access My Accounts for information about your new Mounties email Account.

Access our Email Policy for additional information.


For information about our wireless network, access our Wireless Page

Refund Procedure

2016/FA refunds will begin to be mailed after October 14, 2016 for students who have finalized financial aid. Refunds will be mailed to the local or campus address on file.

PLEASE do not contact the campus mail room or the United States Postal Service concerning the delivery of your refund check. The mail room can only deliver your refund check to the dorm mail box. Questions regarding the delivery of refund checks should be directed to Julie Cimino at 570-662-4388 or jcimino@mansfield.edu.

To ensure proper mail delivery of refunds, students must have all changes to their current off-campus address submitted to Residence Life. You may review the residence hall or current off-campus address of record online via Student Contact Information at http://my.mansfield.edu/. If your address is incorrect, please follow the instructions on the web page to change your address.

Click here for more information about the refund process, Emergency Cash Advances and Bookstore Credits.

Health Form

Mansfield University requires all incoming students to complete a Health Evaluation Report Form. This form must be turned in to the Residence Life office at 120 Pinecrest Manor, prior to the start of classes.