Higher Education Innovation: Links for Faculty

Higher Education Innovation: Links for Faculty

AAC&U: AAC&U describes itself as the “leading national association concerned with the quality, vitality, and public standing of undergraduate liberal education.” Its members, including Mansfield University, are committed to extending the advantages of a liberal education to all students, regardless of academic specialization or intended career. Check this site to learn more about the LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) project, including an enlightening inventory of high-impact educational practices.

AASCU Red Balloon Project: “The Red Balloon Project is a national initiative to re-imagine and then to redesign undergraduate education for the 21st century. Public colleges and universities are facing a complex set of challenges: transformational changes in technology, reductions in funding, shifting student demographics, growth of the private sector in higher education, demands for greater accountability, and more. The Red Balloon Project is aimed at helping institutions restructure to respond to the rapidly changing circumstances of the new century.” Mansfield University is an AASCU member and is regularly represented at its national meetings.

Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning: As the title suggests, this publication explores contemporary issues and change in higher learning. Topics are diverse and stimulating. Check the MU library for articles not available in full text at the website.

College Results Online: Want to know how Mansfield University stacks up against other universities? Check this interesting site, but keep in mind that data runs a few years behind, so it may not pick up recent changes in our accomplishments. It may tell more about where we have been than where we are headed as we improve.

EDUCAUSE: The mission of EDUCAUSE is to advance higher education by promoting intelligent use of information technology. Check the EDUCAUSE Quarterly for innovative ideas on integration of technology into the learning process.

National Center for Academic Transformation: An independent non-profit organization dedicated to the effective use of information technology to improve student learning outcomes and reduce costs of higher education. NCAT says it “provides expertise and support to institutions and organizations seeking proven methods for providing more students with the education they need to prosper in today’s economy.”

Presentations on Leading Edge Higher Education Topics:

Mark David Milliron: Analytics Today: Getting Smarter About Emerging Technology, Diverse Students, and the Completion Challenge.
2011 EDUCAUSE Featured Speaker.

Cable Green & Joel M. Smith: Open Educational Resources: Access, Impact, and Sustainability Through Policy. 2011 EDUCAUSE Featured Speaker.

Salman Khan TED Talk: Let's use video to reinvent higher education