Resources for Distance Learners

Resources for Distance Learners

Academic Advising Center Resources for Distance Learners

The faculty of the Academic Advising Center are available via telephone or Skype to provide comprehensive individualized academic advising. Additionally, if you are not available during regular hours of operation of the Academic Advising Center (8 AM – 4 PM), e-mail communication with Mani Ramasamy ( – the Advising Center Office Assistant) should be used to direct you to the most appropriate advisor.  The advisor will call or e-mail you directly to make the necessary arrangement for an appointment.

Additionally, the features of WebAdvisor allow for a limited degree of academic advising as relates exclusively to the course selection process.

To access our services please follow the procedure listed below:

   ·Students will call the Academic Advising Center at 570-662-4824 or e-mail for an appointment.

   ·Students will be expected to have Internet access during the length of the appointment and have their WebAdvisor account open during the appointment.

Jing videos which describe the registration process are available on the Academic Advising Website