Art History

Art History

Mansfield University's Bachelor of Arts in Art History is an online degree completion program requiring 120 credits. These credits include 55 credits of General Education, 35 credits of Free Electives, and 30 credits of core course in Art History. Our art history program is designed to be a degree completion program. Students may participate on a part time or full time basis.

Full-time enrollment consideration is possible based upon course availability. Although all art history courses will be provided online, general education and free electives online offerings are limited during the fall and spring semesters, but are plentiful during the summer. Students are also welcome to attend courses on campus or choose to transfer general education credits from other approved institutions.

The core courses include ARH 1101 Introduction to Art, ART 3300 Visual Studies in Aesthetic Experience, ART 4404 Special Problems in Art and 21 credits of Art History electives. Additional requirements for the degree include the completion of either an academic minor or second year foreign language proficiency.
Student Learning Objectives

Mansfield University students who wish to take courses at another institution for transfer to Mansfield while attending Mansfield University must complete a Request to Transfer Credit Form (under Forms) before taking the course work. Students may wish to consult with the Transfer coordinator in Admissions to determine if a course will transfer in. Only credits from regionally accredited institutions may be approved for transfer. Mansfield University transfer policies apply.

You may access our current course offerings at Course Offerings.

For more information on the B.A. in Art History, or the minor in Art History, contact Dr. Bonnie Kutbay.