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Dept. Secretary: Jocelyn Brion 
Phone: 570-662-4500
Hours: M - Th 8:00 - 4:15

Mansfield University Art Department
135 Stadium Drive
119 Allen Hall
Mansfield, PA 16933



Professional Organizations:

  • National Art Education Association (students and faculty)
  • Pennsylvania Art Education Association (students and faculty)
  • Pennsylvania State Education Association
  • National Education Association
  • Art Students Guild (students)
  • Art Acquisitions/Art Exhibitions (students)
  • Eastern Art Association
  • Northern Pennsylvania Arts Council
  • American Association of State Colleges and Universities
  • Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
  • Art History Association (students)

Student Organizations:

Art & Design Guild
The Mansfield University Student Art Guild is for students who are interested in pursuing art as a profession, or any student who has interest in the visual arts. The purpose of the Art Guild is to help broaden awareness of the arts within the Mansfield University student body and the local community. The club sponsors trips to galleries and museums, organizes artist-talks and workshops, and gives students hands on experience to broaden their skills (such as taking slides) in preparation for entering the field of art.

Art History Association
The Art History Association is an organization open to all students, faculty, and community members who have interest in and would like to learn about art from different cultures. Activities of the Art History Association include the production of a yearly student journal, "Kaleidoscope", which explores multiculturalism in art, art history, music, and poetry. The Association also provides one charter bus trip to New York City per year to visit art museums and galleries. On occasion, it also sponsors participation in the Creative Art Symposium.

National Art Education Association
The association’s purpose is to educate and prepare future art teachers for a position in education. The club sponsors art education oriented speakers and trips throughout the year.

Pennsylvania Art Education Association
A state component of the National Art Education Association, which encourages participation in art education issues and programs.

Art Acquisitions and Exhibition
Students in this committee learn how to display, hang, and take down professional exhibits in the University Gallery. The committee plays a role in selecting exhibitors and developing the calendar each year for the University's Gallery Shows. Students on the committee select artwork which is purchased with CCSI monies to become part of the University's permanent Art Collection.