Department of Art

Department of Art

Current Exhibit in the Loomis Gallery!
Dave Walczak: 48 Years of Art & Design

August 27 - October 5, 2018
Opening Reception Thursday, September 13th from 4 - 6pmDavid Walczak  

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Art Department at Mansfield University is to develop and sustain flourishing programs within the visual arts that support the needs of its undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and continuing education students, as well as members of the community seeking personal enrichment.

The Art Department’s three undergraduate programs and graduate program will continue to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students, helping them to cultivate careers as art educators, art historians, graphic designers, museum facilitators, and as leaders and entrepreneurs within our communities.

Through all interactions, the Art Department strives to exemplify and teach respect for the art and scholarly community, engendering positive character, the ability to think critically, give and receive constructive feedback, and conduct their actions in an ethical and professional manner. Seamlessly imbedded into the curriculum, is a focus on visual literacy and global awareness, creating a vibrant and comprehensive visual arts program—inherent to the fabric of any strong, liberal arts university and essential in developing individuals who will grow, care for, and leave a positive imprint on the world.

Our Vision

The Art Department will serve as a cultural center of the visual arts for the University and outlying communities.

Through ongoing evaluation of program goals, content and structure, the Art Department will keep these programs vital, innovative, and in step with current best practices.

By continuing to foster a creative and flexible program structure, the Art Department will seek to provide an educational format that provides students with the ability to acquire necessary life and career competencies.

With the support of the University, the Art Department will continue to offer a gallery venue through which professional artists, students, and faculty may exhibit their artwork—further establishing accessibility of the arts within our region.