Department Policies & Procedures

Department Policies & Procedures

Biology Electives - All upper level Biology elective transfer credits (after becoming a Mansfield student) must be taken from 4-year institutions.

Cell Phones - Visible cell phones can lead to a grade of zero on graded activities. Cell phone use during lecture and lab can cause deductions in course grades.

CPUB Membership - All students upon enrollment as a major in any Biology program automatically become a member of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) which encompasses students and faculties from the 14 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education institutions.

Internships - Internships cannot be taken for more than 3 credits; BI 4450 (Internship), 6 and 12 credits, has been replaced by BI 4451 (Practicum in Fisheries), 1-3 credits.

Lab - Lab and lecture must be taken together for all Biology courses (BI, BSC) having both components. Lab must be passed to pass the course. A minimum of 75% of labs must be attended to pass lab. If lecture or lab is failed, both components must be repeated.

Minimum Grade Requirement - Beginning with incoming students, Fall 2011, a minimum grade requirement of C- is necessary before advancing with all Biology program requirements.

Pass/Fail - No courses required in Biology programs can be taken as Pass/Fail.

Research - Proposals from research projects must be approved by a departmental research committee, and if appropriate, university animal usage and human subject involvement committees.