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The Department of Biology offers the B.S. degree with five concentrations within the major in Biology: General, Molecular/Cellular, Environmental, Fisheries, and Medical Laboratory Sciences. The department also offers a minor in Biology. The Department of Biology promotes, encourages and assists with the broader university-wide outcomes of Leadership and Global Consciousness.

A feature of all Biology curricula (with the exception of Medical Laboratory Sciences) is the requirement to complete an undergraduate research project. All concentrations meet the minimum requirements for medical schools. The Biology program is excellent preparation for graduate school. Many Biology graduates become technicians in hospitals and research laboratories. Others go into sales positions with medical and pharmaceutical supply companies, while still others find employment in the environmental and ecological fields.

Those students preparing for a career in medicine may meet the minimum requirements for medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, and physical therapy schools with proper course selection under the B.S. degree.