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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Department of Business Administration at Mansfield University prepares students for professional careers in business, government, not-for-profit management, and public accounting.

Our curriculum is characterized by:

  • a strong foundation in the liberal arts, which strengthens writing, speaking, and analytical skills;
  • an emphasis on entry-level business knowledge
  • an environment that fosters the development of problem solving and decision making skills;
  • an emphasis on using computer technology as a tool for communication, analysis, and problem solving;
  • an atmosphere that encourages ethical and social responsibility

Our Vision

To achieve a business-focused learning environment which nurtures leadership potential in an academically rigorous, mutually responsible learning process, enhanced by interdisciplinary scholarship and community engagement. As a faculty we strive to be seen by the by the University, the local community, students, and employers as community leaders, intellectual contributors to our disciplines, and providers of an outstanding educational experience.

Department of Business Administration carries out its mission through its commitment to Mansfield University Creed - Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service.