B.S. Chemistry Degree (Chemistry Concentration)

B.S. Chemistry Degree (Chemistry Concentration)

Chemistry @ Mansfield UniversityThe ACS-certified B.S. degree in Chemistry follows the nationally recognized standards for undergraduate education in chemistry of the American Chemical Society.

Both the ACS-certified B.S. degree in Chemistry and the traditional B.S. in Chemistry place an emphasis on organic and inorganic chemistry, mathematics, general education and provide excellent preparation for students to pursue graduate studies or employment in industry.

Students who complete either degree option will be well prepared for advanced studies in medicine, dentistry, optometry, patent law, and related professions.

Students who elect this degree are prepared to assume careers with food, pharmaceutical, oil, and chemical industries. Chemists are often involved in quality control, research, sales, monitoring employee environments, and agencies requiring analytical skills. Chemistry graduates are very competitive in the retail and wholesale professions. Over half of our chemistry graduates continue on to graduate school.

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