Computer Information Science

What Can I Study?

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Information Science at Mansfield University offers two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Science (CIS) and several options for those considering a minor in CIS.

Why should I pursue a CIS degree?

Many reports have been released that place a wide variety of Computer and Information Science careers as the best careers a person could pursue. In addition, they have also been found to be among the most recession-proof careers out there. A report from Glassdoor titled, "50 Best Jobs in America," placed the CIS careers of DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, UX Designer, Solutions Architect, and Software Engineer in the top 20 with median salaries of $92,500 to $125,000. Many careers in this field have entry-level positions with average starting salaries at $60,000+ nationwide (

See the section on careers for more information about careers in CIS.

Why pursue a CIS degree at MU?

MU's CIS degree helps you develop a well-rounded computing background that meets the educational requirement for the majority of jobs available in computer and information science. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take elective courses that will allow you to specialize in your area of interest. Our students have opportunities to pursue internships that are routinely made available to us through regional and national companies. Taking advantage of these opportunities will allow you to gain valuable experience that will set you apart from the average undergraduate in this field.

Some common CIS job titles include: Systems Analyst, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Game Designer, Network Analyst, Network Engineer, Network Programmer, Network Security Specialist, DevOps Engineer, Webmaster, Information Analyst, Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Tester, Computer Scientist, Computer Researcher, Software Manager, Software Architect, Solutions Engineer, Technology Trainer, User Interface (UX/UI) Designer, IT Consultant, IT Manager, and Information Architect.

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