Computer Science Club

Please join us at our meetings (date and time will be posted on the Elliott 216 white board) 

The Computer Science Club is one of Mansfield University's busiest clubs. Each semester we host on average 5 LAN parties, where we play games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike, or we might switch things up and have a game night instead, where we play games like Super Smash Bros. We have one meeting each week. At meetings we discuss upcoming projects we can work on together, check out brand new technology, and help anyone who has a programming question that we can answer.

This past year, other than having fun at gaming nights, we have attended PACISE, which is a conference and programming competition that we had two groups participate in. One year we took 2nd place in the programming competition and last year we took 2nd place in the robotics competition! In the past we have also attended CCSC-East and also entered teams in their programming competition. We have made it to the finals in the State Farm nationwide programming competition three of the last five years. 

Stop by Elliott 216 for more information about the club!

Club President: Alyssa Osten

Club Adviser: Dr. Matt Haner

Club Facebook Page: