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Add Field Mask

Use the Add Field Mask dialog to register a Field Mask for a Field Type. A Field Mask controls the rendering of an instance of a field within a Display Template or Rich Text Block. Contributors can "drop" fields into the rich text editor using the Insert Field icon and select a Field Mask to control how the field displays on page output.

For example, contributors using a date field - one of the pre-defined Field Types - to include a Page Last Modified, Page Creation, or custom metadata date field, first select the field in the Insert Field dialog (as shown below) and click Next to display Output Mask options.

The options under the Available Masks selection list in the Output Masks dialog are rendered by the Field Masks Input Module. They determine the parameters of how to render the output, and are passed to the Output Module at render time.

The Add Field Mask dialog displays in edit mode for existing masks, as shown below.


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