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Add/Edit Grid Row Column

Use this dialog to create or change styles for individual columns in a grid row layout. Add or edit a registered class name for the column. You can optionally allow contributors to select and apply additional styles for this column at the page or template level and constrain the types of elements that this column can contain.

Complete the following fields.

Column Number - Displays the location of this column in the row layout. The example above shows attributes for the first column in the layout.

Tag - The tag type for formatting the column. Defaults to <div>. Allow Override - Optionally allow contributors to change tag type for this column.

Column Classes - Enter the CSS class(es) to render for this column. The CSS classes used in the example above defines that a column 100% wide for extra small devices, 50% wide for small device and up, with a margin of 1.5 ems. You can include one or more registered space-separated classes in this field.

Allow Additional - Optionally enable contributors to choose from additional registered styles for this colum within the Container element’s Layout Properties dialog. Enabling this option displays the Class Options field for including additional class options.

Click the Add button to choose from registered classes.

Allowed Elements - Click the Add button to view the set of elements used at your site and choose the set you want to allow. Use this field to restrict the number and type of elements contributors can add to this grid column. Leave blank to allow contributors to enter any element type in this column.

Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to exit without saving.


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