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Add/Edit Grid Row Layout

Use this dialog to create or change the row properties for a Grid Row Layout.

Access this dialog from Site Administration - Responsive Design - Manage Grid Row Layouts.

The dialog has three tabs to manage properties for the Grid Row Layout:

Grid Row Layouts are rendered by the CommonSpot Container Element. With the introduction of CommonSpot version 10, the Container element now renders one or more rows. When it renders the row (and associated Grid Row Layout) it uses the Tags and CSS Classes defined in this dialog.

By default the Container element renders one tag (a div tag by default) for each row of the grid. However, to support a row that can have a background color or background image that spans 100% of the available space while still maintaining interior column padding, you can optionally specify two tags (one nested inside the other - by default two div tags) for a container row. CommonSpot always renders the Outer tag, and optionally rendes the Inner tag, based on the properties you define.


Name - Required. The unique name of the Grid Row Layout. This name displays to contributors choosing layouts within the Container element. It should be brief but descriptive.

Description - Optional. Enter a longer description to help designers and authors choose appropriately.

Is Active - A checkbox that indicates whether the Grid Row Layout is active or not. Note that inactive Grid Row Layouts will continue to render, but they will not appear for selection once deactivated.

Outer Tag

CommonSpot always renders the grid row layout entered in the outer div tag. Enter the tag and CSS classes to render and any optional CSS classes contributors can choose to include.

Complete the following fields.

Click the Add button to make more classes available or click the remove icon to delete classes.

Inner Tag

Complete the following fields.


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