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Add/Edit Multimedia Channel

Once you set up communication with local or external Brightcove or YouTube accounts, you can create channels to organize content or manage security in CommonSpot. Access this dialog by clicking the Add Channel icon in Multimedia Services or by clicking the Add Channel link or the edit icon for an existing channel in the Multimedia Channels dialog.

Mouse over each field to view details.

Service: Displays the name of the multimedia sharing service. This release supports the external Brightcove and YouTube services and local multimedia service.

Name: Displays the name of the service in CommonSpot.

Description: Optionally describes the service type.

Active: Whether this service is enabled in CommonSpot for file upload or insertion.

Properties: Use this section to display or change the ID or token values for external services. Local multimedia channels do not have Properties.

Maximum File Size: Enter the preferred file size limit. YouTube and Brightcove both have published limits for individual file uploads. Check with the service(s) you use.

Supported Formats: Choose from the following options:

Click Cancel to exit without saving, or click Save to keep your settings and update channel status and attributes.

When you save a new channel, give contributors ManageMedia rights.


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