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Add/Edit My CommonSpot Section

You can customize the My CommonSpot workspace with one or more panels. For example, you might share a convenient set of links as shown below. Creating a custom section is simply a process of using this dialog to supply CommonSpot with a valid URL to display within the My CommonSpot dashboard. Typically, this URL points to a custom file you create using ColdFusion or the language of your choice. Your custom page can reside in any web-accessible location within your domain. To serve content from another domain, point your custom section URL to a local script that uses CFHTTP or another mechanism to request and return outside content.

Note: To avoid potential security conflicts, it’s best not to locate your custom page within CommonSpot. For CommonSpot-sourced content you would typically place this type of content in the /customcf/ directory at the site root.

For other content, use any logical location.

For list data, you can optionally include Show More/Show Less links that display for standard My CommonSpot sections.

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This dialog displays in edit mode for existing custom panels as shown below. Standard CommonSpot panels (My Changes, Changes Pending My Approval, Notifications) are basically non-modifiable. For these sections you can only change the default state and whether and how many More/Less links display.

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