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Add Replication Scope

The Add Replication Scope dialog is a two-tabbed dialog that prompts for replication options associated with the scope. When configuring a replication, it is necessary to choose a predefined replication ‘scope’. A scope indicates what actions the master should send to the target when a replication event occurs.

Settings Tab

Under the Settings Tab, the administrator assigns a unique Scope Name for the scope along with a Description.

Replication Duration – Determines if the entire site contents should be transported or only the content that has been modified since the last replication. It is not recommended use the ‘Replicate all content’ option for larger sites. This option should not be needed under normal replication operations.

Replication Scope

Replication Actions

Subsite Exclusions Tab

It’s possible to prevent the replication of pages within a subsite by selecting the subsite on the Subsite Exclusions tab. Pages contained within the selected subsites will not be replicated.  Note that excluding subsites does not exclude uploaded documents and images.  These files continue to be replicated.

For most installations, the recommended scope options are Page Data and File System Files. Because the Cache and Search Engine options add processing load on the target server, use them only when there is a specific need for this functionality. Additionally, performance improves when Replication Frequency is set to incremental updates.


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