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Add/Edit Style Definition

Use the dialog to selectively register individual CSS class definitions contained within your site's style sheets. For example, to allow designers or authors to add formatting to grid rows, register only those styles from your grid system style sheet, as shown below. This dialog displays in edit mode for classes already registered in CommonSpot.

This dialog includes a Save & Add New button to make it easy to register multiple styles at once. Note the warning in the dialog. Editing an existing style cannot change styling already applied, it only affects future styling.

Note: Do not register the .CSS file itself; register only the individual styles whose attributes you plan to make available as formatting options for contributors with Style privileges. Also note that default CommonSpot class names use the prefix CS_. To avoid conflict with CommonSpot defaults, do not use this naming convention for styles you register for CommonSpot pages.

Style Name: Required. Identify a style from an existing general or grid system style sheet. Style names should be as short as possible to fit easily within the Rich Text Editor dropdown list and the Grid left pane.

See the description of the Rich Text Editor for more information on how options defined here display in the RTE.

Note: The Name attribute is case-sensitive and must match your .CSS style definition exactly in order for the style to apply properly during page rendering.

CSS Classes: Required. Enter one or more classes for this style, separated by spaces.

Category: Pick from the dropdown to categorize the class as a general or grid system style. Grid system styles display as options to contributors formatting row-based content when creating or updating responsive design pages and template. See Manage Grid Row Layouts, Add/Edit Grid Row Layout and the description of the Container Element in the Elements Reference.

Description: Required. Enter a short description for the class.

Click Save & Add New to continue to add class definitions to your site, or click Save to exit after add one or more definitions to the registered list. Click Cancel to exit without saving.


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