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Add Subsite Bindings for Tree

Access this dialog by clicking Save and Choose Subsites from Add Tree or Edit Tree Properties to create subsite bindings for the selected tree. You can select one or more subsites.

CommonSpot walks up the hierarchy of the subsites, relative to the subsite location of the tree, to find a subsite match and returns the tree bound to the first match found. Use this feature to "automatically" generate trees whose nodes mirror subsite structure.

You can use the Subsite Search option to use search criteria for subsite selection.  Filter by subsite name, parent name, or URL, or select a comparison operator and enter a name or character to filter. Optionally click an alpha or numeric character, or choose All. For example, search for subsites that begin with the letter s, which returns the spanish subsite as shown below.

Click to sort by column heads. Select one or more subsites from the results, then click Add Bindings to make the selected subsites available for trees.


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