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Analysis History

The Analysis History report displays summary results generated for completed Performance Analysis jobs, using the report criteria and report retention time defined in Analysis Settings. Use this dialog to scan saved reports or view report details available through the page count and performance links in the Summary column.

Click to sort by Date, Report Name, Status, or Page Count.

Date: When the report was generated.

Name: The label entered for the report in Run Performance Analysis.

Status: Displays whether the report has completed, is running, as shown below, or has been canceled.

Page Count: Reports the number of pages analyzed in this run. Click to view a details for each page .

Summary: A two-column table reporting rendering time and ratings statistics for the run:


Click to display an unfiltered breakdown of page rendering times for this set of pages.

Click to display an unfiltered breakdown of Element rendering times for this set of pages.

For running proceses, click the delete icon to remove data for this report.

Remove individual reports by clicking the associated delete icon, or select multiple items, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. You can optionally select/deselect all.


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