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Assigning Approval Levels

Use the Approval Levels option to set up approval roles, levels, and bypass privileges in advance of assigning roles to individuals and groups within your environment. To assign the levels you create, you typically Add User(s) or Add Group(s) corresponding to each approval level, then assign the appropriate approval level to each through the Content Security option in the Subsite Administration dashboard. As with other CommonSpot permissions, you can assign approval rights at the subsite, template, page, or Element level. Assign specific approval levels to groups and/or users as needed.

Once you implement approval levels at your site, all content submitted for publication by an author requires approval from each user or group holding any level of approval rights for the content. Approval rights assigned to an individual user require that individual's approval before publishing. Group approval rights allow any group member to approve content.

The procedure for assigning approval rights is essentially the same as assigning design, author, and edit rights.


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