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Background Process Settings

Access this dialog from the CommonSpot Servers section of the Server Administration dashboard to view or change resource assignments for caching or full-text indexing operations that execute as background server tasks.

Setting Index Threads is a function of whether you have full-text search installed.

Cache Threads allocates the number of threads required to keep the cache up-to-date, including refreshing page indexes affected by ongoing authoring activity. The value you enter should reflect the number of CommonSpot sites, the number of servers/CPUs in use, as well as processor speed, network throughput, and the level of authoring activity within your configuration.

For example, if you host only one CommonSpot site, assigning one or two cache threads may be sufficient. If you run your site in a distributed environment, you will most likely set background process values of zero for one or more servers.

If, on the other hand, there is a very high level of content change, you many need to assign more threads to background processes to manage server load.

Enter a numeric value for the number of threads to use for server-level caching.

Index Threads controls the number of threads allocated to maintaining full-text indexes. Enter the number of threads to use for this background process.

Experiment with these settings to find the best balance between resource management and performance. 


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