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Browse Taxonomy

Use the Browse Taxonomy dialog to review terms, term relationships, current data associations, and annotations for an individual taxonomy. Filter by term, facet, or search terms. You can conveniently select terms and maintain your selections while browsing for additional terms.

This dialog presents the following views and options:

Group By:

Term - View all terms alphabetically, as shown below.

Select a range of terms or facets from the dropdown and click one or more checkboxes to select terms. When the number of terms exceeds the size of the current dialog, you can use the arrow buttons to page forward and back while maintaining your selections.

Your choices display in the Selected box. Click the remove icon to deselect individual terms, or click Clear All to remove all.

Facet - A tree view based on the term's hierarchical relationships as defined in the XML import, as shown below. In the facet view, terms without a facet association do not display.

If any of the following exists for an individual term, a clickable icon appears next to the term for more detailed data. Mouse over for more information.

Top term - Indicates a top-level term in the hierarchy.

Annotations - All term annotations, such as History and Scope Notes. On mouseover displays the total number of annotations or a single specific annotation, as shown below. Click to view the Add New Annotation for creating or editing annotations for this term.

For contributors, options vary according to dialog context. For example, when this dialog displays as part of the selection process in metadata forms, terms display with checkboxes, for creating content associations. Non-preferred terms do not display.


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