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Configuring Brightcove Players

This release supports automated integration of Brightcove multimedia content in CommonSpot. In addition to establishing application-level communication to serve Brightcove content, you must also create and configure each player used. You can find general instructions for registering a Brightcove player under "Player Templates" on (Search for "Player Templates" if this page has moved. See also "Creating & Customizing Players.")

On the Brightcove site:

  1. Log in to with a valid customer login and click Video Cloud from the Sign In dropdown.
  2. Click the Launch Publishing button.

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  3. The view defaults to the last selected - All Players, as shown below, or All Templates.

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    Click New Player.

  4. The Create New Player dialog displays. Enter an appropriate name for the player, pick from the template dropdown as shown below, and click Create Player. CommonSpot ships with support for all available Brightcove templates, but does not guarantee results for all playlist players.

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  5. Your new player displays in the list of All Players. Select the new player, then click the Settings option. From Global settings click Enable ActionScript/JavaScript APIs. You can optionally edit other player settings. These display as defaults for the player when edited in CommonSpot. When you are done, click the Save Changes button.

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  6. With your new player still selected in the list of All Players, click the Get Code icon and scroll to find the Player ID and Player Key values required to invoke your player in CommonSpot.

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In CommonSpot:

  1. Open Site Admin - Multimedia Services - External Services and select the Brightcove service. Click the Channel link for Brightcove, then click the Player link, and click Add Player.
  2. Enter a Name corresponding to the Brightcove name, and an optional description.
  3. From the template dropdown, select the template you chose on the Brightcove site.
  4. Review and optionally change player settings. See Add Multimedia Player.
  5. Enter the Brightcove values from step 6 above in the Player ID and Player Key fields.
  6. Save the CommonSpot Player dialog.
  7. Optionally repeat this process for each Brightcove player you enable for your site's multimedia.


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