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Contributor Management

Once you create CommonSpot users through User Administration, set up contributors through this dialog. Use Contributor Management to view, change, remove, or assign CommonSpot contributor status to users already defined to CommonSpot. This dialog lists all users currently designated as Shared or Dedicated contributors. The number and type of contributor seats in use or available for assignment is a function of your licensing agreement. Seat usage and availability information displays in the upper right panel of the CommonSpot Customer Administration Dashboard.

NOTE: To better support workflow and element usability, contributors receive Design and Style rights for new sites by default. When creating new sites, administrators should review all site-level default settings to ensure that they meet site requirements.

Dedicated Contributors can always access CommonSpot; Shared Contributors have access on the basis of available seats, determined by licensing options. Shared Contributors must log out when finished with CommonSpot work to enable other Shared Contributors to access CommonSpot.

Server Administrators must be dedicated contributors. Site or Subsite Administrators can have shared contributor status.

Click column heads to sort names alphabetically or by email, or refine your search by selecting from the dropdowns and optionally entering a value in the text field and clicking Filter, or combine dropdown and text field options with alphanumeric selections and click Filter as shown below for names beginning with E. These filters are useful for limiting results if your installation has many users.

This dialog presents the following options.

Displays the Add User Information dialog in edit mode to view or change profile information.

"Unassigns" contributor status for this user. You can only remove CommonSpot contributor rights for users who currently have no active approval or administrative responsibility.

Add New Dedicated Contributor

Use this option to assign CommonSpot contributor status to an existing CommonSpot user. This option is not available when the licensed limit of dedicated contributors is reached. If your site has reached its limit, you must either remove one or more dedicated contributors or purchase an upgrade to your CommonSpot license from PaperThin. Contact your account representative.

Add New Shared Contributor

Use this option to assign a shared contributor seat to an existing CommonSpot user. You can only add shared contributors if you have a shared contributor license. Contact your account representative.


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