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Edit Inherited Page Permissions

Use this dialog to view or change user or group access to pages that inherit template characteristics. Access this dialog for new users from Template Inheritance Security Add User or Template Inheritance Security Add Groups or by clicking the edit icon for a user or group with current access in the Template Inheritance Security. dialog.

Settings in Inheritance Restrictions control what's available for assignment here.

This dialog displays the following options.

User/Group: Displays the name of the user or group whose permissions you’re viewing or changing. CommonSpot displays email addresses for individual users.

Permissions: Displays the following standard CommonSpot options for controlling access to the current page or object:

Grayed-out checkboxes indicate non-modifiable permissions enforced at the site or template level.

Select the appropriate options and click Save to set or change permissions, or Cancel to exit without saving.

The Inheritance Permissions Confirmation dialog displays.


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