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Edit Metadata Form

Use the Edit Metadata Form dialog to create and manage all fields and the tabs used to organize fields in existing metadata forms. This dialog is similar to Simple Form or Custom Element dialogs.

A simple metadata form with one field is shown below.

To add a new field, click either Add New Field or Add Shared Field to create a field that shares its definition across multiple forms.

See the Edit Form Field dialog under Custom Elements for more information on adding/editing metadata form fields.

To better organize your fields, create a new tab by clicking Add New Tab.

See the Create New Tab , Field Grouping (Tabs), Administrators Referencesections under Custom Elements for more information on creating tabs and tab management. Edit an existing tab by clicking the edit icon for the current tab.

After adding all desired form fields, click Close. The Edit Metadata Form dialog closes and the Metadata Forms dialog redisplays showing the new form.

You can now bind the form to appropriate CommonSpot objects through Add Metadata Form Binding(s).

The process of creating and managing fields and tabs within metadata forms is identical to the Custom Elements and Simple Forms process. Refer to Custom Element Field Definitions under Custom Elements.


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