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Edit Social Media URL Shorteners

This dialog displays when you click the edit icon for a supported service in the URL Shorteners dialog. Use this dialog to view, enter, or edit the values required to register CommonSpot with a service that supports automatic generation and activity tracking for short URLs contained in your social media communications.

Values entered or displayed here are generated by the service. See the overview of Social Media and specific instructions on Setting Up URL Shortening . The registration and activation process is similar to setting up other social media services in CommonSpot.

Once you save valid values in this dialog you can optionally shorten all URLs contained within Twitter or Facebook postings generated through CommonSpot and track clicks through the service.

Name: Displays the name of a CommonSpot-supported service. This release supports

Description: Displays the service type.

Parameters: Display or change the Client ID or Client Secret values for this service. Copy the ID and Secret generated in the Oauth Settings once you create an app with Read Write Access. See Setting Up URL Shortening.

Click Save to keep your settings and update registration status. If you are entering values for the first time or changing registration IDs, the service prompts you to grant CommonSpot user access. Approve this request to enable short URLs in your messages. CommonSpot updates Access status in the URL Shorteners dialog.


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