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General Settings - Resources

Once you register external libraries for your site, access this dialog from the Resources/Libraries section of the Site Administration Dashboard to:

To reduce the size and number of resource requests and improve load time, you also have the option of combining and/or minifying resources. You can set these options globally in this dialog, and specify the behavior of individual resources when you add or edit them. Note that you must enable Combine and Minify options globally for any resource-specific settings to take effect.

Important Note for Minifying Image URLs

Because image URLs are relative to the stylesheet that contains them, not the site, or the page that loads the stylesheet, image URLs referenced in stylesheets that you plan to combine or minify must either be server-relative URLs or referenced by filename only, with the image at the site root. Otherwise, the image will not load.

The URL of any minified stylesheet will point to CommonSpot’s resource processor, which is located at the root of the site, or when called from CommonSpot admin location inside CommonSpot. This may be incompatible with external libraries whose stylesheets contain image URLs, because they’re likely to be relative to the stylesheet itself. For this reason, you may need to disable combining and minifiying the CSS parts of external libraries, such as the jQueryUI default theme. Note that this is not a problem for image URLs inside CommonSpot itself, because the web server mapping for /commonspot/ makes them effectively server-relative.


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Complete the following fields. You can drag and drop to change load order within each section.

Resource Root URL: Enter the root-level directory for storing resources from custom element and other imported packages. Individual resources typically have their own subdirectories within this parent directory.

Combine Resources: Combines resource URLs to reduce the number of HTTP requests used to load desired resources. Enable to globally combine resources of the same type when possible. URLs are combined in this order within each section: Registered CSS, ad hoc CSS, registered JS, ad hoc JS.

Minify Resources: Removes white space to compress or "minify" files to reduce size and improve load time.

Note that the Combine Resources setting applies only to resources with server-relative URLs, not to those with URLs beginning with http, or variation.

Click and drag to set load order, or click the Restore Default Order button to reset to factory order.


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