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Image Field Options

For Global Custom Elements, metadata forms, or simple forms that use the image field, form developers can set or enforce an image upload directory separate from the current directory. Authors either accept an enforced image upload location or explicitly override default settings for uploading images during form submission.

Note: To implement this option for existing images, open, edit, and save this dialog.

The following options are available when editing or adding image fields to forms.

Complete following fields:

Subsite Location of Image Sets image upload behavior for the form.

Subsite Location - Identifies the image upload directory. Pick from the Select using Subsite tree dropdown to select within the current subsite, or click the subsite search icon to choose from other subsites.

Alternatively, click Specify a user-defined expression

to use a ColdFusion expression or variable to define image upload subsite.  For example, enter an expression to upload the image to the same subsite location as the Custom Element. 

Clicking the Clear button removes any existing expressions.

The directory you specify displays to contributors as the target subsite during the image upload phase of form completion. The image upload field below is defined as Defaulted to Specified Subsite.  The Target Subsite is defined as /issues/pubinput/ but users with image upload permissions can override this setting, as long as this setting is not enforced. 

Note:  For all options, contributors must have image upload permissions for the subsite specified.


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