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Import from External Service

In addition to uploading files to dedicated video sharing sites, you can also import existing multimedia assets from YouTube or Brightcove for use in CommonSpot. Click the import multimedia icon in the Multimedia Channels Action column to identify external multimedia files not yet managed in CommonSpot. The Import from External Service dialog displays files associated with the account used for your CommonSpot multimedia channel and inherits available name, title, and other basic information as standard metadata. CommonSpot displays files in batches of 100. Use the Search filters to find and import specific files.

On import, CommonSpot writes a keyword to the video metadata (for Brightcove, a referenceID; for YouTube, a keyword) at the external video service. This is done so that CommonSpot deletes only the files it manages, and does not touch other instances of multimedia files. See "Notes on Uploading, Importing, Updating, and Deleting Multimedia Files" in Multimedia Services.

You can import one file at a time, or batch import. Imported files are in a pending state until you confirm or change standard metadata and assign any required custom metadata to each file. Completing these actions completes the import process. See My Pending Multimedia in the Contributor's Reference for details.

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Keywords - Pick from the dropdown, then enter a specific term to match or exclude from search results. CommonSpot searches the title field of files hosted by the external service and returns results as follows (to a maximum of 100 records).

Click the Filter button to apply your search criteria, or Clear to remove keywords.

Target Subsite - Pick from the dropdown, or click the subsite search icon to choose a subsite location for the imported files. Optionally check Include Child Subsites to search the selected subsite and all the subsites it contains. Leave this unchecked to search the selected subsite only.

You can sort results by title, status, file size, playback length, or date.

Title - Displays the external file name.

Status - Whether the source file is external to CommonSpot.

Size - File size in kilobytes.

Duration - Running time in seconds.

Creation Date - The date the file posted to the external service.

Actions - Click the view icon to play the file. 

Choose Import All, or select files to import and click Import Selected. CommonSpot creates a record for each file added, associates a thumbnail preview for external files, and reports status. Clicking View Imported Files in the Import External Files status dialog displays My Pending Multimedia Files, for adding metadata to each file. See the Contributor's Reference for details.


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