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Integrating Brightcove and CommonSpot

This release of CommonSpot supports automated integration of Brightcove multimedia content in CommonSpot. Adding Brightcove services to CommonSpot requires you to:

  1. Log in to the Brightcove dashboard with a valid account and service level.
  2. Register.
  3. Create a set of tokens.
  4. Configure access in CommonSpot.

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On the Brightcove site:

  1. Log in to with a valid customer login and click Video Cloud from the Sign In dropdown.

  2. The Welcome screen displays your publisher ID. This is one of the values you will enter in CommonSpot.

  3. Click Account Settings then choose API Management from the left-hand nav. Any existing tokens display, with options for creating new tokens.

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  4. Brightcove automatically generates one Read token and one Read token with URL Access for your account when it is created. Add a Write token if one does not exist. To integrate Brightcove content with CommonSpot, you must have one Read, one Read with URL Access, and one Write token. For details see Enter the values for these tokens when creating CommonSpot-managed Brightcove channels. See Site Admin - Multimedia Services - External Services - Add Multimedia Channel.

In CommonSpot:

  1. Open Site Admin - Multimedia Services - External Services and select the Brightcove service. Click the channel link and copy the following values generated by the Brightcove registration process to the Add/Edit Multimedia Channel dialog:
  2. A green flag in the Multimedia Channels dialog confirms successful registration with the Brightcove service.


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