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Integrating Facebook and CommonSpot

To create, schedule, and manage Facebook posts through CommonSpot, you must have an active Facebook developer account and create a CommonSpot-specific app that functions as a proxy for login and posting.

  1. If you are new to the Facebook Developer Site, create your app by reviewing Step 1 in the Facebook tutorial: and complete the captcha verification.

    If you have already used the developer site, just click Apps in the top-level menu.

  2. Name your app.

    NOTE: Because this app becomes your posting agent, label it appropriately for the Facebook posts you plan to create.

  3. The Basic Info page displays for your new app. Optionally enter an App Namespace (see appsonfacebook/tutorial/ for details), then enter the domain for this app. For example, for the URL, enter in the App Domain field.
  4. Mouseover to view larger

  5. Instead of proceeding to step 2 in the Facebook tutorial, select Website With Facebook Login under Select how your app integrates with Facebook.
  6. In the Site URL field, enter your site name, appending a redirect URL in the form

    [your website url]/commonspot/components/social-media/facebook/service-redirect.cfm

    For example, enter

    [your website url]/commonspot/components/social-media/facebook/service-redirect.cfm

  7. Click Save Changes. The Facebook App dashboard displays the Facebook-generated App ID and App Secret.
  8. Enter these values in Commonspot Site Admin - Social Media Services. Click the edit icon for the Facebook service, enter the App ID and App Secret properties, and save.

You can now create Facebook channels, or accounts, managed by CommonSpot.


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