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Integrating LinkedIn and CommonSpot

On the LinkedIn Site

  1. Log in to with appropriate LinkedIn account credentials.
  2. Hover over your login name in the upper right-hand side, and select API Keys
    ( from the dropdown.

  3. Click Add new application and complete all required * fields, as shown below.

    Mouseover to view larger

  4. In the OAuth User Agreement section, enter the site URL  with the redirect path to both the OAuth Accept Redirect URL and OAuth Cancel Redirect URL fields in the form:
    [your website url]/[commonspot site name]/loader.cfm?csmodule=components%2Fsocial-media%2Flinkedin%2Fservice-redirect

    For example, enter: csmodule=components%2Fsocial-media%2Flinkedin%2Fservice-redirect

    Optionally include an identifying logo for your app.

  5. If this is your first time using the LinkedIn API, accept the terms of use and click the Add Application button. The Application Details page displays with the generated keys, as shown below.

In CommonSpot

  1. Open Site Admin - Social Media - Services and click the edit icon for the LinkedIn service to display the Edit Social Media Service dialog.
  2. Copy the API Key and the Secret Key values generated by the LinkedIn registration process to the Properties section and click Save. LinkedIn now displays as a registered service in the Social Media Services dialog.


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