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Job Schedule

Click the schedule icon in Site Scheduled Jobs , Server Scheduled Jobs , or Customer Scheduled Jobs to set start and end times and frequency for individual jobs. Modify these settings according to specific job requirements. For example, to find the best balance between content freshness and the performance benefits of serving "stale cache" you might run a background cache regeneration job on a recurring basis during low-traffic periods.

Except for the Heartbeat job on the CommonSpot Cache Server, which is typically inserted at installation to run every two minutes, CommonSpot job start times default to installation date and 00:00:00.

CommonSpot automatically deletes completed jobs from the queue.

Note that this is not the case for jobs scheduled to run once. These jobs can run if a server is added and the job is assigned to run on All Cache Servers or All ROPS or All Servers.

See Scheduled Job Definitions for details on default settings and recommended frequency.

Complete the following fields. See Date Time Selection Controls for details on using calendar and time controls.

Duration: Pick a time period for running this job. If you want to run the job indefinitely, do not specify an end date. Start time is required.

Frequency: Use this field to specify how often to run this job. Frequency occurs within the constraints of Duration settings.


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