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LRU Memory Cache

CommonSpot maintains internal memory cache for specific data types, as shown below. The LRU Memory Cache report displays the LRU (least recently used) internal memory caches for CommonSpot cache objects. Use this dialog to scan cache activity and adjust limits based on usage and available memory.

Click to sort by cache name, item limit, the number of items the cache contains, the number of cache requests, missed requests and miss percentage relative to requests, the current expiration period, the time of expiration, and the number of overflows and cache deletions.

Cache: CommonSpot maintains internal cache for these types:

Limit: The maximum number of items currently allowed for this cache type.

Items: The current number of items in this cache.

Hits: The total number of requests successfully served from this cache.

Misses: The total number of requests not served from this cache.

Expiration: How long the cache is maintained for unrequested items. Items that remain unrequested beyond this limit are purged.

Expires: The number of items removed from this cache because they were not requested within the expiration period.

Overflows: The number of items removed from this cache because they exceeded the defined limit.

Deletes: The number of items removed from this cache for reasons other than expiration or overflow (for example, content deleted by end users).

Actions: Displays the following options:


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