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Manage Element Component Styles

Use this dialog to assign styles to elements and element components by element type. Styles entered here are available for selection by contributors with Style permissions. Note that you can only assign and make available style classes first registered through the Manage Style Definitions dialog.

Access this dialog by expanding Content Formatting in the Site Administration accordion menu. This dialog also displays when you click the Select button to modify the body text style in Style Sheet Sets or when you click Style - Assign Class from the Element menu. (See Common Wizards - Style Sheets - Element Style in the Contributor's Reference. ) This dialog is empty when it first displays.

Click the Element Type dropdown to display a list of available elements and select an Element type from this list. The dialog expands to show current class assignments for the element and its components, as shown below for the Heading element.

To add a class assignment to the Element or a subcomponent, click the edit icon to open the Element Component Style Options dialog for viewing, adding or removing styles.


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