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Manage Grid Row Layouts

Use this dialog to add, change, or delete row-based layouts that designers, authors, and editors select when creating responsive pages and templates. The layouts entered here display as Grid Layout Options to users creating or updating responsive content in CommonSpot Containers. Authors and designers can conveniently choose the appropriate grid style from the Grid Layout Left Pane or the Grid tab in the Container Element's Layout Properties when editing pages or templates. You should already have a grid library installed on your server and be familiar with its CSS classes. CommonSpot gives you the option to add row styles registered as Grid Classes to fine-tune row formatting. See Manage Classes.

Access this dialog by choosing Grid Row Layouts from the Responsive Design accordion menu in Site Administration.


By default this dialog show all Grid Row Layouts. Use the following fields in the filter bar to refine which records are displayed:

Click the Filter button to apply your filters and view results.

Click column heads to sort records by the number of layout columns, or alphabetically by layout name or description. You can also sort by active/inactive status. Inactive layouts will still render but cannot be selected for new layouts.


Click the edit icon to view or change the row layout.

Click the columns icon to view or change definitions for individual columns in the row layout.

Click Add New Row Layout to create a new layout for grid rows.


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