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Manage Layouts

Access this dialog from Site Administration - Elements and Forms - Manage Elements by clicking the Layout link in the Description column for a specific element. This dialog provides a convenient way to centrally view, add, or edit display template or render handler layouts and set the default . Frequently used elements often have multiple layout associations, as shown below for the Alerts custom element, where the Generic Alert is the default.

With release 10.0, you can create and assign generic render handlers to elements, as indicated by an edit icon with a dropdown menu . You can write generic render handlers for use by multiple element types, for example, Carousels, Tabs, Accordions, etc., and map custom element fields to fields already defined by render handlers.

Click column heads to sort on Name, Description, Type, Usage or State.

Add Render Handler - For Custom Elements & Standard Elements supporting render handlers, displays the Add/Edit Render Handler dialog for Defining Render Handlers. If a Custom Element has a render handler associated with it, you can also use the link within the Custom Element's description to access these dialog boxes

Import Generic Render Handler - Opens the Import - Step 1 of 2 for Importing a Custom Element.

Add Display Template - For Custom Elements, displays a dialog for Defining Display Templates. If a Custom Element has a display template associated with it, you can use the link within the Custom Element's description to access these dialog boxes.


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