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Manage Lexicon Sets

The Manage Lexicon Sets dialog allows administrators to configure the lexicons - or dictionaries - used for spellchecking throughout the site. Access this dialog from the Authoring Tools section of the Site Administration Dashboard.

Out of the box, CommonSpot ships with spellcheck support for the following lexicons:

This dialog lists currently registered lexicon sets. The lexicon sets available for to a particular subsite are limited to those registered here at the site level.

To add a new lexicon set, save the lexicon file(s) in the /lex subdirectory of the CommonSpot site and then click Add New Lexicon Set in the Manage Lexicon Sets dialog to open the Administrators Reference dialog.

You may also wish to add your own lexicons to existing lexicon sets. For example, if you have a list of industry or company-specific words/terminology, you can create a text lexicon file, and add it to the lexicon sets for the supported languages (English, Canadian French, and the like). This new dictionary will then be accessible to all authors. After you have created the lexicon file and saved it in the /lex subdirectory, you can add it to an existing lexicon set by clicking the edit icon in the Manage Lexicon Sets dialog to open the Administrators Reference dialog.

To delete an existing lexicon set, click the delete icon.


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