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Manage Removed Terms

Use the Manage Removed Terms dialog to repair broken associations between taxonomy terms and CommonSpot data, a condition that occurs when you manually remove terms with current CommonSpot object associations or reimport a taxonomy that removes such terms.

The Manage Removed Terms dialog gives you options for removing orphaned associations or recreating data associations using new terms. When CommonSpot detects orphan associations, taxonomies containing removed terms display the icon in the Manage Taxonomy.

This dialog displays a list of removed terms. Click the active link to open the Data Associations dialog for viewing CommonSpot data currently associated with the removed term. To learn more, see the Data Associations dialog information.

To clear orphaned data associations, check all the appropriate terms and click Remove.

To assign a new term association, check all the appropriate terms and click Re-Assign. The taxonomy browser dialog displays a list of all current terms. Select the new term from this list. Once you reassign or remove all terms, the dialog is no longer available.


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