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Manage Tree Types

Access this dialog by selecting the Type option from the Site Administration - Trees left panel to view, change, or create new kinds of trees for your site. CommonSpot ships with a Simple tree type and sample XML and render handler code for creating Megamenu types, as well as unordered list, div list, and definition list layouts. You can also create custom layouts for your designers or contributors to use when creating trees. See Defining Render Handlers, Add/Edit Render Handlers, and Choose Layout and Tree Element in the Elements Reference.

Use this dialog to create types specific to the needs of your site. See Trees for an overview on creating and distributing trees at your site.

Click column heads to sort by name, description, or default layout type. Each tree is associated with a specific default layout defined when adding or editing a tree type.

Click Add Tree Type to create a new type of tree.


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