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Multimedia Channels

Access this dialog by clicking an item in the Channels column in either the Local or External Multimedia Services dialogs. Use this dialog to centrally view, create, or change channels for a selected service. You can assign each channel a separate, corresponding Brightcove or YouTube account or use a single external account to store content and organize multiple content categories - or channels - in CommonSpot.

To make channels available for file upload and multimedia publishing, you must:

  1. Explicitly grant CommonSpot application-level access to the supporting service. See Integrating Brightcove, Integrating YouTube, and the overview of Multimedia Services.
  2. Activate the channel in CommonSpot, as described for the State column below.

Click to sort by Name, Description, Files, Playlists, or Players.

Click Add Channel to create a new CommonSpot channel for this service.


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