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My CommonSpot Sections

Access this option by expanding the Site Properties/Settings section in the left panel of the Site Administration Dashboard. Use this dialog to set section security and default order and to create, delete, show/hide, or define default attributes for My CommonSpot panels.

You can define custom panels to contain simple URLs, text, integers, or repeating row data, like that used for CommonSpot Notifications or My Changes. Choosing this last option and implementing the Show More/Show Less feature included in standard My CommonSpot sections requires additional development work to create "containers" for list items. See the CommonSpot Developer's Guide for details.

Click to sort alphabetically by Name or Description, by custom or standard section type, or by enabled or expanded section. Click and drag items in this dialog to set default order for the site, as shown below for Changes to My Content. (Note: In IE, click on the Name or Title, instead of the entire row.)

Note: Except for security, this dialog creates initial defaults only and has no effect on any settings contributors may have defined for themselves.

Click the edit icon to edit a dashboard section.

Click the security icon to display the My CommonSpot Section Security dialog for changing view privileges.

Click Add My CommonSpot Section to create new custom dashboard items.

You can remove individual custom items by clicking the associated delete icon , or select multiple items, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go.

You cannot remove standard CommonSpot sections, although you can enable/disable default display .


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