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New Site Database Information

The New Site Database Information dialog requests database connectivity information. This information varies for database type and supported ColdFusion version.

(This example is for a SQL Server database)

All New Site Database options and fields are required.

CommonSpot Configured Datasource (recommended): Default. Automatically configures the CommonSpot data source. CommonSpot handles all database settings.

Database Name: The name defined for the new site database.

Database Server: The database server name.

Database Port: Displays or changes the port configured for database service. Defaults to the port set during CommonSpot installation.

Database User ID: A valid ID for accessing the CommonSpot database.

Database Password: A valid password for accessing the CommonSpot database.

Click Next to create the new site. CommonSpot displays status information the Creating New Site dialog while processing displays.

CommonSpot reports errors. If the following displays, check your web server mapping and correct, as described in the dialog.


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