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Page Performance Report

Use this dialog to view summary details for each page requested in the named report and linked to from Analysis History. This dialog includes a set of filters to isolate specific pages, Elements, and problems.

Mouseover to view larger

Subsite - Select from the dropdown, or click the subsite search icon . Optionally check Include Child Subsites to search from the selected subsite and all the subsites it contains. Leave this unchecked to search the selected subsite only.

Results: Pick from the dropdown to display All Pages, or to filter by Good, Fair, or Poor performance. Criteria for these categories are defined in Performance Report Settings.

Non Cached-Elements: Gives you options for filtering by Element rendering time for Elements not generated from cache. Pick Greater Than, Equal, or Less Than, and specify a time in milliseconds. Defaults to Greater Than 0.

Set one or more options and click Filter.

Click to sort by Title, Subsite, Total Time, Rank, Non-Cached Elements. By default this table sorts by Total Time. Changing the sort order assigns secondary sort order to Rank.

Title: The title assigned to the page.

Subsite: The subsite location of the page.

Total Time: The total rendering time for this page in milliseconds.

Rank: Category ranking: Good (Green), Fair (Yellow), or Poor (Red) as defined by Performance Report Settings.

Non-cached Elements: Count of Elements not rendered from cache. Click through to view details for each Element.


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