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Register Support Users

Only designated support representative (DSRs) have access to all PaperThin Support resources. Call PaperThin Support at 617-471-4440, option 3 to register, change, or delete DSRs.

Note: For proper authentication, email addresses entered here must match your site's local profiles.

Registered DSRs can assign different levels of Support access.






Note that...

CommonSpot users

Access Support resources.

Submit enhancement requests

You can designate as many CommonSpot Support users as needed.

Administrators with CPAdmin privileges or the equivalent

  • Update current Support information.
  • Submit CommonSpot Support requests.

Typically, members of the CPAdmin group are also Designated Support Representatives.

Designated Support Representatives (DSRs)

Access all of the above resources and

  • Submit
  • Review
  • Edit
  • Respond

to incident tickets and view history for all incidents in their organization.

Only individuals registered as Designated Support Representatives (DSRs) can interact with incident tickets on the PaperThin site.

At least one Designated Support Representative assignment is included with your CommonSpot license. Customers typically name up to three DSRs.

Review your site's current DSRs at

See for more information.

Once DSRs are registered, you can view them, enable/disable DSR status, and choose a partner from this link.


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